Fat Freezing DIY

There have been many methods on the market that offered the claim of reducing body fat. Over the years, most of these methods have faded, and are now in extinction. There is a new method of reducing fat that has become the rave of many who have tried it. It is called coolsculpting, or fat freezing. This way of fat reduction is done with an FDA approved machine that freezes the skin for one hour, in sessions of up to three hours. It is done in a coolsculpting facility by certified, trained staff members, and medical professionals. Results have been seen after only two weeks of daily sessions.  Isavera.com is a great example of a fat freezing site.

As with many of the innovative procedures that have derived from the many advancements made in technologies, a way to freeze fat at home has been more than a possibility. Freezing certain areas of the body in an effort to lose fat has been done successfully at home. It is a do it yourself activity that attracts the attention of people who have had difficulties with weight loss, or too much belly fat. With this method of fat freezing, many people view it as the long awaited answer to their stubborn weight loss problem. When tried at home, there are precautions that must be taken. Use only ice and water. No commercial ice packs should be used; this includes the gel packs.

There are certain risks involved with freezing the skin. One is frostbite. If you are prone to frost bites, this method is not for you. Another risk is with those who have an illness such as circulation problems or diabetes. This will cause serious complications that would make it dangerous to try the procedure. When trying this technique, it is recommended that you monitor your skin constantly. Test your skin before leaving the ice on for a long period of time. If any abnormalities of the skin should occur during the do it yourself freezing, stop the procedure and see a doctor. Be sure to use only water that has been frozen, and starting to melt. Putting the water in a zip lock bag works best, as it conforms to the shape of the body. Using this method of freezing the fat to lose fat and inches has become a trend that has proven itself as a viable means of shedding the unwanted fat that will result in weight loss.

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